Office Mix for your classroom!

Office Mix for your classroom – bring your PowerPoint and class alive!
Microsoft are offering an extended preview to Office & PowerPoint users to supercharge your presentations, especially good in classrooms when you need to record audio or annotate to students or staff using handwritten tools/pens. In addition you can add videos (so students resent work recorded and displayed) or integrate web content into the slides which then makes the whole presentation really powerful and interactive for the whole class. Office mix also includes some useful and powerful tools into PowerPoint such as quizzes to insert into the slides, it also boasts a screen capture tool so users can record actions on their PCs and insert into presentations. Once you have finished you can save work to the cloud and share with people or groups to enhance or kick off that ‘flipped’ classroom work. It does lean towards users having touch screen technology to make best use of handwriting capture function (great for annotation & notes).

Below is a link to be able to login and download the software add in for PowerPoint, give it a try and we welcome feedback from you using this in your school.


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