SBS provides key ICT development planning and implementation to ensure schools have a pro-active support partner, capable of growing schools’ requirements to meet or exceed those required for the current ICT Curriculum.

School and academy ICT support

SBS continually reviews and adapts ICT services and options to meet the changing requirements of schools. The need for a comprehensive service offering, which does not wholly rely on a technician onsite on a certain day, is very much prevalent across the whole education sector. We still highly value the technician onsite approach, but have added services and key personnel supporting the technician to improve the overall support package from SBS. In this way, whatever your ICT needs are or whenever they are required, SBS can manage the fulfillment of them for your school.

How SBS can support you

  • Fully managed ICT services for education
  • Service desk support
  • Remote support services and automation
  • Procurement services
  • Professional services in ICT
  • ICT training courses
  • Project management
  • ICT strategy
  • MIS and SIMS support

Why choose SBS?

  • Bespoke and flexible services to fit the needs of your school
  • Wide range of ICT support services designed around the needs of schools
  • Personal, friendly and outstanding customer service
  • Emphasis on relationships and understanding customer needs
  • Well-established team with a proven record in quality and reliability

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